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Ron Coutts BSc (Hons) is a working therapist with over 20 years experience, and a self confessed life long learner.

Ron holds an Honours degree in Biomedical Sciences with specialism in Neuroscience of muscle stretch receptors (spindles) and functional anatomy. he holds a strong interest in research and is currently engaged on analysis of collagen formation in the joints

Ron is a trained:

Structural Integrator: Ron's mentors are James Earls and Tom Myers. Trained in Kinesis Myofascial Integration he is one of very few skilled practioners in this field. A member of I.A.S.I. (The International Association of Structural Integrators) he also has attained the honour of B.C.S.I. (Board Certification in Structural Integration), one of "the few" in the U.K.


Sports Therapist:

Ron is a senior member of the Society of Sports Therapists often acting as a mentor

What is a Sports Therapist? - click here for info this represents the minimum accepted standard. Ron is additionally trained extensively in many aspects of Electrotherapy and advanced clinical and rehabilitation techniques - results generally never lie!

Manipulative Therapist: a Manipulative Therapist for many years attaining the skills from his mentors Nick Carter and Maggie Brooks and going on to train extensively with many notable teachers of the manipulative arts.

Massage Therapist:Ron understands soft tissue with many years of experience and extensive experience working with professional, semi professional and great amateur athletes.

Advanced Medical Acupuncturist

Ron has taught internationally as an associate teacher of "Anatomy Trains" also guest speaker at the British Fascia Symposium 2014