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Many of our athletes perform in events which last typically one and a half hours e.g. football, half marathon etc.

The specifics of an athletes nutrition are difficult to clearly tune unless we talk to the athlete directly. Believe me, it can make a huge difference to performance if you get this right.

For the above events we'd recommend the following based on experience and latest science.

Ensure you're hydrated - studies done by the F.A. and the Spanish Football Association showed that 50% of players were dehydrated before games/training. Drink adequately during the day prior to training or competing.

3 hrs pre training or pre event have a good balanced meal (if you have to cut this period then you can use a meal replacement for digestibility)

Just before the start 10 - 15 mins (training or competition) have a small amount of carbohydrate drink.

At 4 or 45 minutes take a carbohydrate gel + some fluid if you can. With regard to fluid at this time it's usually best to take an Electrolyte drink which includes minerals and electrolytes. Runners generally have a rule of thumb taking a gel for nutrition every 30 - 40 minutes.

Post training or post event feeding is critical.

In our experience the person who does not consider his nutrition prior to training has a poor training session which causes him/her to be disappointed. The person who does not consider nutrition post training or post event goes on to gives themselves pain or poor recovery for the next session.

Within 30 minutes of completing the exercise refill the carbohydrate stores (it's not by accident that you see players getting a drink as they come off the pitch on television). Within 90 minutes take a small amount of protein to help reduce pains and speed recovery. One of the best which we use is REGOtm by Science in Sport - it contains the correct amount of both, and results are remarkable.

We don't believe in leaving things to chance, performance at every level can be supercharged by following simple rules.

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