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Structural Bodywork

Based on the teachings and work of Dr Ida Rolf, a visionary in body mechanics and combining the most up to date studies of anatomy by people like Tom Myers.

Structural Bodywork, over a series of treatments is used to adjust the connective tissue to improve the structure. This type of bodywork helps the client to regain control of the structure improving performance and freeing long term restriction.

The bodywork is designed to look at long term balance and structure in the body. In many cases this is obvious in the persons structure but cannot be defined clearly. Injury and stresses placed on the body long term leave their indelible mark on the structure and connective tissue.

Compensations due to stress or injury tend to become permanent parts of the structure causing restrictions and pain.

Generally Structural Bodywork consists of three treatments of approximately an hour and a half over the period of 3-4 weeks, followed by a period allowing time for integration e.g. 2 months before any further treatments take place.

The body records everything that has happened to it - Physically and Emotionally

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